Super Alloys

Forging of super alloys - especially titanium -is done in our state-of-the-art facility in Chandler, Arizona.

Screws, Bolts, and Pins

Pilgrim specializes in externally threaded fasteners and clevis pins in diameters from .100 to .625 in lengths up to 9 inches.

Speciality Designs

We make thousands of different screws, bolts, and specialty fasteners.  If we don't have exactly what you need, we will design something to your specifications.

Taptite 2000® Thread Rolling Fasteners

Taptite 2000® thread-rolling fasteners join two unique concepts to advance fastener performance and reduce the overall cost of assembly.


Developed for Sikorsky Aircraft's S-92 helicopter, Pi-LOK took years of research and development to finally arrive at this superior panel fastener. The innovative design makes complex planning and cumbersome engineering processes associated with composite materials a thing of the past. Corrosion resistant and specifically designed for composite materials, Pi-LOK performs better than any other fastener of its kind.